Play, learning and motor skills

Children need to play – motor skill developing toys help stimulate this.

As a parent or grandparent, it’s great to experience how your child or grandchild can come up with imaginative games on their own and be preoccupied with them for hours.

Units Danish Design’s series of toys has been developed for just this – to invite the children to play, learn and strengthen motor skills. The series is very versatile and can be used by both babies, toddlers and older children, and the special thing about our animals is that they can be part of all kinds of games, while they at the same time develop the motor skills.

Tumbling toys for children, which set the imagination and body in motion

We have designed a series of colorful large and small Units with inspiration from farm animals, Nordic Animals and African Animals. They can be used as tumbling toys to strengthen motor skills and learning, take part in role-playing games or in the bath – and both small and large children can participate. Our toys – which we call Units – are versatile, free of harmful chemicals and designed to fit into any home.

Small units:

True-to-life toys for children

The inspiration for our small Units comes from farm animals as well as Nordic and African Animals. Farm animals are a classic in the toy box, but our units differ from the classic farm animals in that they are made of soft material consisting of EVA foam. It expands the play possibilities, and instead of being suitable for only one game, the small Units can be used for many different games.

Large units:

The perfect tumbling toy

We have a wide selection of large Units, which can also be described as classic tumbling toys. Each single unit consists of a medium and a large version, and the choice of one or the other depends on how much space you have available and how big your child is. The largest model is about twice the size of the middle model. Once the game has started with our large Units, it can last for hours.

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Toys for institutions

Toys from Units Danish Design stimulate play and strengthen motor skills development.

Play is the focal point of everyday life in a nursery or kindergarten. Whether it is playing hide and seek or go-karting in the yard, children need to put their imagination into play. Play is a big part of their mental and physical development, and it is therefore important that they have the right toys to play with.

Our toys for institutions are guaranteed to be a hit for the children. Their multifunctional nature allows them to be used for everything from role-playing to relaxation. They can withstand being used day in and day out due to their high quality and durable material.

We do not compromise on quality

Our foam animals are is produced from EVA foam – a certified clean product free of harmful chemicals, so you can let your child or grandchild play with peace of mind.

Activities with Units

The sky is the limit …

Toys are an important part of childhood and help to encircle the universe that makes up children’s play. If you try to remember the games from your own childhood, there will most likely also be some very specific toy that has made a special impression on you.

At Units Danish Design, we specialize in foam animals due to the many applications they open up. In addition to the countless games that the foam animals invite to, children can achieve learning and motor skill development by playing with the foam animals. Toddlers can learn to distinguish the colors, names and sounds of the animals, and as they get older, the large foam animals can be used to test physical limits and achieve greater body control.