About Units

Units started in 2014 with a focus on creating beautiful Danish design that fits into the modern home in an untraditional material. Units is founded by and consists of the two partners Claus Pedersen (finance and sales) and Peter Utke (design and communication). You can find our contact information here.

Tumbling toys for children

Units Danish Design makes it easy for your child to play and strengthen their motor skills.

We specialize in tumbling toys for children, and we have designed a series of colorful large and small Units with inspiration from farm animals, Nordic Animals and African Animals. They can be used as tumbling toys to strengthen motor skills and learning, take part in role-playing games or in the bath – and both small and large children can participate. Our tumble toys – which we call units – are versatile, free of harmful chemicals and designed to fit into a Scandinavian-designed home.

The series of foam animals is very lifelike. This means that they look like the animals they are supposed to be – for example, our foam Pig has a pink color and a round shape, and our Walrus has long tusks. It creates recognizability between the foam animals and real animals, which helps children understand the world around them.

Small units: Lifelike toys for children

The inspiration for our small units comes from farm animals as well as Nordic and African Animals. Farm animals are a classic in the toy box, but our units differ from the classic farm animals in that they are made of soft material consisting of EVA foam. It expands the play possibilities, and instead of only being suitable for a single game, the small units can be used for many different games.

For example, the farm animals and the Nordic and African Animals are ideal to play with in the bath. Suddenly it becomes a fun and entertaining activity for your child to take a shower because there is something to play with along the way. When the animals get wet, they easily stick to the wall, and if all the Units are hung up at once, it invites a fun and imaginative play for your child.

The light material also makes them float on the water, which most children find fascinating.

The small Units appeal to children’s imagination, and they are designed in such a way that the child can recognize e.g. the Sheep as interpreted by Units. In this way, our units help your child understand the world around him or her. You can also choose to use them to teach your child the sounds and behaviors of the animals, or they can be used to strengthen your child’s fine motor skills when he or she tries to stack the animals. The small units invite to a wealth of activities, and it is only the imagination that sets the limits when they are brought into play.

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Large units: The perfect tumbling toy

We have a wide selection of large units, which can also be described as classic tumbling toys. Each single unit consists of a medium and a large version, and the choice of one or the other depends on how much space you have available and how big your child is. The largest model is about twice the size of the middle model.

Once the game has started with our large units, it can last for hours. In addition to using the foam animals to tumble with and test their own abilities and balance, they can also be used to play hide-and-seek games, just as they can be part of imaginative games that your child sets in motion. They are also comfortable enough to be suitable as an extra chair that can be used when your child wants to read, play games or take a nap. It is a versatile toy that fits perfectly in the children’s room.

The Bird and the Sunflower differ from the other large units by being motor-developing in a different way than, for example, the Elk or the Polar Bear. The Bird has a special shape, which is good for babies’ motor skill development because it helps them to lie on their stomachs and train their backs. It is also good for practicing head lifts. The round shape of the Sunflower makes it ideal for training balance. It just needs to be turned over so that the round side is facing down, and then it is transformed into the same tilting object that is known from gymnastics – ready to train the balance.

The Bird is developed in collaboration with physiotherapist Lene Raadkjær Jørgensen, who is the owner of BabyTummel which offers development classes for babies and children. You can watch a movie with Lene and read more about the Bird here.

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