Play floor – light gray background


4 pcs á 30x30x1,2 cm. – a beautiful play floor from Units Danish Design, which is both soft, shock-absorbing and 100% free of unhealthy chemicals.

The play floor has a look that the vast majority of adults welcome, and it fits into most modern homes.

The play floor challenges and stimulates the child’s imagination and can be used by both very young and slightly older children. The play floor is first and foremost nice and soft to play on for your child, but in addition it also protects your child from the cold.

Activities with the floor:
– Lay a nice play and puzzle floor
– Make a challenging course, place your hands and feet correctly
– Push your hands and feet out of the puzzle mats and use them to learn to count.

Units Danish Design play floor is produced in strong EVA foam without dangerous phthalates and formamide. CE marked. The surface is both non-slip and soft. In addition, it is easy to clean.

Size: 4 pieces of 30x30x1.2 cm