The Walrus – large


Units’ large Walrus is part of the Nordic Animals series, which combines play, learning and motor skills. Use the Walrus for role play, or teach the child about the elk’s family and what it eats. The large Walrus can also be used for active motor skill challenges with many different exercises. Can the child get up on the Walrus when lying on its side, dare it take a ride, in short there are plenty of opportunities to test its balance with the animal with the long tusks?

Together with several large animals from either the Animal Farm series or the Nordic Animals series, the child can create a balance track.

The Walrus is also suitable as a chair or stool.

Units’ Nordic Animals series is designed in Denmark by Peter Utke.

The Nordic Animals series is made of environmentally friendly and durable EVA foam. The animals do not contain phthalates or other harmful substances. The material can be washed and is CE marked. 3+

Size: 38x59x20 cm.